hehehe....challenge accepted!


“Building surfboards is my passion, my love, my life, it is what I do” – Lourenco Amilcar (Mica)


-"huh did you see that?"
-"jeah i got a great picture"
-"f*** it´s freaking awesome! =O"


Sneak Preview

So....We went to the Empire Studios Vienna, had an amazing time there, spent the whole day and finished recording all instruments for our first trailer.

Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned! ;)

sound engineer Ignaz zottl and post production (video) mascha peleshko

just awesome musicians doing their awesome musician stuff

not the whole team

our post production boss...doing some gangsta stuff

the boss....doing some boss stuff


We want to shout out "THANK YOU" to:

Ignaz Zottl // Sound Engineer --> Emdis Records

Ola Egbowon // Voice Over    --> Part Of Soul

Lena Korherr // Composer

and last but not least

our musicians: Lena Korherr, Onwuama Richson, RAy RAe, William Kaminger, Yvette Széles-Zetocha, Clara Pliem, Mascha Peleshko.


Enjoy Your Life?

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Bald ist es wieder soweit: "Enjoy Your Life" feiert die dritte Ausstellung. Am 23. Juli könnt ihr uns im Strombauamt Greifenstein besuchen. Unter dem Motto "home is where the art is" treffen Fotografen, Musiker und andere Live- Acts um ihr Können zu präsentieren.

Die Donau ist nur einen Sprung entfernt, Abends geht es dann weiter zur Party. Für die Fahrt zurück nach Wien wurde auch bereits gesorgt: Es gibt einen Shuttle der um 01:00 und um 03:00 nach Wien fährt (Tickets an der Abendkasse/ 4€).

Eintritt: Ab 14 Uhr 5€

            Ab 18 Uhr 8€

Enjoy Your Life Event







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It‘s happening! The „Enjoy your life“ website is finally online. The last few days were all about writing texts, choosing photos, designing icons and headers and so on …apart from this the first film trailer was also diligently cut. From now on, you can virtually follow everything that we do and always be up to date … not only through our website but also via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Behance, Vimeo and of course YouTube). Last but not least, we are also giving you a motivational song. Don’t forget: it’s the little things that make us happy. Enjoy ;)


Josip Jukic Sunaric

Project Executive Manager, Photographer

Helga Turcanu


Servet Dean Sari

Writer & Director

Alex Oprisan

Social Networks

Kerstin Sterl

Art Director Graphic Design

Manuel Müller

Audio Engineer